The ReShape Balloon is a non-surgical, incisionless procedure that is performed endoscopically. Two connected saline-filled gastric balloons are inserted into the patient’s stomach. The balloons remain in the stomach for six months, and cause the patient to feel full faster because there is less space for food in the stomach.

A Patient’s Journey Throughout the
ReShape Balloon Process

Our Patient's first step

Our patient’s first step is to call our office and speak with a Patient Advocate. Our Patient Advocates are advocacy experts who help patients secure financing, insurance approval and explain our cash pay options.

Pre-Procedure clinic visit

During the initial clinic visit, our patients meet with one of our nurse practitioners to determine whether any pre-operative testing is needed prior to the procedure. Pre-operative tests are sometimes necessary to make sure our patients are healthy enough to receive a ReShape Balloon.

Following the initial clinic visit, our patients will be assigned a dietician. Our dieticians will create a personalized nutritional plan for the patient to follow before and after the ReShape Balloon procedure.

The ReShape Balloon Procedure

The ReShape Balloon procedure takes approximately 15 minutes. Our patients usually remain in the recovery room for 1-2 hours and will be discharged the same day.

The ReShape Balloon must be removed after 6 months. The removal procedure is performed endoscopically, very much like the original procedure.


Our patients follow-up with Dr. Lavin or one of our nurse practitioners periodically following the procedure to insure healthy weight loss goals are met.

What are the advantages?

  • Non-surgical procedure with no incisions and no scars
  • Procedure typically lasts about 15 minutes and does not require a hospital stay
  • Patient is normally home within one to two hours from the procedure
  • General anesthesia is not required

What are the risks?

As with any surgery, there are risks associated with the procedure; however, the health benefits as well as quality of life improvements far outweigh any risk of complications. Dr. Lavin will personally discuss the risks with each patient prior to surgery.

Patient testimonials

"It’s a very simple procedure. It helped me with my health not just my weight loss."


Lost 44 pounds

*These are individual results. No outcome is guaranteed.