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Nicole & Jason – Their to-do list

Nicole and Jason are attorneys, parents, colleagues, etc. Their to-do list is probably longer than most. Prior to surgery, their list of errands and work seemed daunting and exhausting. Nicole recalls times when she dreaded just getting out of the car, grabbing the kids, and running those errands. Everything felt like a burden. Now, they
Mikey’s pre-surgery routine always began and ended with checking her sugar. Before surgery, Mikey had an insulin pump in order to control her sugar. Throughout the day, Mikey would constantly need to reset her pump depending on what she was eating or doing that day. She stayed indoors most of the time because the heat

Nicole & Jason – Cravings

For Nicole and Jason, cravings do not exist anymore. Because of the Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy, their relationship with food has changed completely. Nicole used to love sweets at night before bed. She frequently ordered dessert after dinner. Now, Nicole eats to sustain her health, not to satisfy cravings. Rather than eating until she feels overly
Prior to surgery, Kera’s Type 2 Diabetes controlled her entire life. Her A1C was an 11.5, and she took 11-12 pills every morning. Unfortunately, Kera’s medication routine didn’t end there. Every time Kera left her house, she would bring her “tackle box” with her. Her tackle box had injections, needles, alcohol swabs, glucometers, and cooling